Faster Printing and WiFi Technology

All-in-One printer technology is what you will receive when purchasing the Epson Stylus NX515. Printing, scanning, and copying are three things that you can do with the printer.

This printer though goes the extra mile. It has WiFi capabilities that let you share this printer with other printers in your home. If you would like to add extra memory to this printer, you will be able to do just that because the Epson Stylus NX515 has memory card slots for your convenience.

You will love being able to print photos, documents and lots of other things from your iPhone. This printer has a tilt LCD monitor where you can see everything as it is being printed. There will be no more guessing about what is printing from your printer.

If it is high speed that you want then, the Epson Stylus NX515 will work great for you. It is two times faster than other comparable models and the quality of your prints will stay the same. The Epson Stylus NX515 can print thirty six pages per minute.

Ink for this awesome printer is dropped by Micro Piezo technology. It is dropped when needed with in jets. There are four colors of ink that are included with this printer. They are yellow, cyan, magenta, and black. Cartridges of ink come individually and can be changed that way. The ink used in the Epson Stylus NX515 is DuraUltra and will not smear on your printed pages.

The look for a printer that meets all of your needs will come to an end when purchasing the Epson Stylus NX515.

The Next Wave of Technology

Listening to your favorite radio stations outside of your state used to be impossible without some pretty expensive equipment, but now with the introduction of internet radio wifi this is all possible. The best part is it isn’t like satellite radio; it doesn’t have a monthly fee that they hit you with every month.

Isn’t radio supposed to be free to the consumer? Where are the days of old when it didn’t cost a dime to listen to your favorite song or talk show? When did the big name satellite radio people decide it was okay to hijack the thing that we call radio? It is time for the consumer to take a stand in this fight for the airways. Internet radio is the weapon of choice,and an inexpensive one at that.

The consumer is taking back radio with force with internet radio in general as we speak. Now that radio stations are streaming their broadcasts over the internet there is no reason to have satellite anymore. You can listen to your favorite stations regardless of where you are in the country, and if you don’t like your local stations then you can browse the over five hundred other stations that most internet radio wifi receivers offer to the listener for no monthly service cost.

The iComfort WiFi Thermostat Smart Technology

It used to be enough to have a wall thermostat that could be set to a comfortable temperature, triggering heating and cooling systems as necessary, but that model of operation really isn’t enough anymore when energy consumption has become such a critical factor.

The iComfort WiFi thermostat and other innovative devices of the same type go several steps further than their outdated thermostat cousins of old, intelligently monitoring usage of room temperature and adding extra features to manage humidity control.

Advanced Programming Features

Forget the old on and off operation of the traditional thermostat. Modern devices integrate specific features targeted at saving energy and personalizing climate control, perhaps the biggest energy-guzzler of them all. Household climate control is in dire need of such a versatile system of temperature management. The first big difference on installing the iComfort thermostat is in recognizing the sudden addition of several new but easy to use programming options. A homeowner can now set programming to account for vacation periods, turning off when the home is empty or turning on air conditioning a short time before the family is due home. One touch control allows an additional layer of flexible operation to be seamlessly brought in to play, with a family member overriding conventional programming and entering personalized comfort settings.

WiFi Connected Climate Control

The iComfort brings the best features of mobile technology to the home, adding network connectivity that can be accessed from anywhere. Imagine downloading a mobile App or interfacing with the device directly from a web-enabled browser window on a laptop. With the App loaded and running on an Android or iOS device, it only takes a swipe of a fingertip to interface with the WiFi thermostat, monitoring current temperature or remotely altering environmental settings. That means instant temperature control from work, while stuck in traffic, or even while laying on a distant beach. Additionally, software updates constantly improve old software features and add new features, perhaps smartphone notifications or a tailored chart showing when and where energy usage is at its peak.

Svelte Graphical Interface

Large digital readouts, multiple screens with an intuitive graphical interface, the iComfort WiFi thermostat is a modern convenience designed to save energy with style and simplicity. Secondary menu entries deliver current outside temperature readings across five days, letting occupants compare the weather to the interior temperature and consequently plan for additional energy output if the temperature is forecast to trend cooler. All the menu entries and graphical elements of the display move in fluid-smooth, colorful animations that reflect the software and hardware engineering present in this fascinating thermostat.

Little extras such as the customizable touch-screen interface, being able to replace the default background image with family photographs or custom artwork, makes the iComfort an attractive purchase simply for aesthetic appeal. But it’s the easy adjustment of temperature settings, the comprehensive programming options, and the connectivity features that make the device a recommended purchase for those looking to save energy.

A Word About Wifi or Wifi Technology

WiFi is the other name for wireless internet or wireless network, this name is mostly used by none technical users who just knows how to access internet wirelessly, they know pretty much nothing beyond that.

WiFi is basically short form for wireless fidelity. However many advance users are not well aware of this terminology either, it is ,more known with a name of Wifi. WiFi term is written in many ways which are, Wifi, WiFi, WIFI, Wi-Fi fiwi etc.

Wi-Fi was introduced by Wi-Fi alliance in 1985 it was the time when it was not used as commercially but were just set to certain organizations for testing purposes. Wi-Fi Alliance is pioneer in developing WiFi technology and all the hardware associated with Wifi is mostly certified by Wifi Alliance compliance. Wifi later developed properly and than eventually lunched for public use in USA in 90’s, gradually wifi become standards for most of the computer communications in countless organizations around the world

Wifi uses all the networks referring to any type of 802.11 network standards which is set by IEEE. IEEE is short form of Institute of electric and electronic engineering. There are lots of enhancements made in standards of 802.11 and 802.11a, 802.11b and other dual networks. The latest standard of 802.11 family is 802.11y. Other known standards are 802.16, these are the standards for upcoming technology known to be WiMax. There is one more known set of standards for Ethernet it is known to be IEEE 802.3.

Growth of Wifi networks is still on going world wide this huge growth raises security issues. Wifi is the most widely used network world wide and many organizations transfer their sensitive data using Wireless networks. Increased use of Wireless network increases potentially risks of the security of the users or organization. Wireless network carries data of every type, that can be normal data in bits of information or it can encrypted or even highly sensitive. WiFi security mechanism insures the certain level of data integrity and confidentiality just as wired network provides. However if proper security measures are not adopted properly intruders can attack the network and can cause major damage to not only network but privacy of users also.

There was a time when cables were used to network many computers together. Hardware like routers, hubs, switches etc were required for communication between computers, but Wifi brought high tech change in communication of computers by providing wireless connectivity features. It just keeps things very simple without much hassle and networks can be made far more easily. No wires are required. Wireless network keeps environment very neat and clean. There are many other features of Wireless LANs for example high speed connectivity. Wifi provides high speed connectivity and faster communication where cables are not feasible to install for example in remote areas. The list of the Wifi features is long some other major features included Site survey, enterprise grade equipment, Scalable systems, VPN Compatibility, flexible authentication methods, Guest satisfaction, End user mobility and easy access through Hotspots.

WiFi supports two different types of modes; they are known to be infrastructure and the other one is ad hoc. In Ad hoc Wireless connections can be made without central device called router or access point. Most network administrators prefer ad hoc over infrastructure mode. Ad hoc how ever have issues also. Wifi devices connected using Ad hoc mode offers less security against unauthorized users. Ad hoc mode configured devices cannot disable SSID broadcast in contrast to infrastructure mode, this brings hackers into play, and using ad hoc mode it is not very difficult to prevail into the wireless network. There are two major differences between these two modes that is the rate at which they transfer data. Wife network standard 802.11g requires Ad hoc mode of communication to support 11Mbps bandwidth in contrast to it 54Mbps data transfer is supported using infrastructure mode. Hence Ad hoc mode is considered much slower than Infrastructure mode.

Wireless based networks are increasing every where; every organization is installing it if it was not using it before. Some cities have actually provided the entire city a wifi and turn the city into hotspot, big example in front of us is Chicago. Chicago have installed huge transmitter in shape of big size dish of Wifi which broadcast Wireless LAN radio signals through out the city. It provides high speed internet connectivity very cheaply. Laptops, desktop computers, PDAs and other Wireless LAN card installed devices can access the network and get high speed connectivity on move. WiFi users increasing day by day therefore its hardware manufacturers are manufacturing the products on huge scale. These products are easily available in market with reasonable cost. Laptops, PDAs, mother boards of latest desktop computer are mostly come with build in wireless LAN cards. If it is not installed already in your laptop one can buy PCMCI slot wifi card to install for accessing wireless network. Wifi PCI cards are also widely available in market. Now USB wifi are also available for short range but still works good.

Intelligent routers are available in market which works to connect different devices to wireless network. These routers can be configured with or without PC. All is required to plug internet cable in Ethernet or USB port to router’s appropriate port. When internet is available to routers it can be configured using its control panel using IP That’s where we can enable SSID broadcasting or disable it and perform other functions. PCs can also be attached to routers for more advance management which routers can not performs. PCs are mostly required to be used where network is huge and keeping and maintaining its integrity and stability is very important.

In this modern era every one wants every thing wireless, Wifi belongs to wireless technology family. There are so many other wireless technologies which have evolved around the time and Wifi is now taken for granted and world is now talking about much advanced and enhanced wireless network known to be WiMax. WiMax beats Wifi technology on many bases which includes Speed at which data rate is transferred, range with which connection is made and so much more. Now we have to see in how much time WiMax will take over WiFi, and which technology will eventually take over WiMax. One thing is for sure latest technologies in wireless technology will keep coming and will keep getting over looked by new ones.

Social WiFi Technology

Social WiFi Technology

Helps Automotive Dealerships Close Deals

Mobile marketing made easier with Social WiFi technology. Immediately reach mobile buyers to sell and promote big ticket items like Cars & Trucks to mobile users when they step on your lot before they search your competition.

We have found that dealerships utilizing mobile communication tools are improving the mobile user experience leading to a proven increased ROI.

Potential customers who visit your showroom, service department and dealership lot are the ideal audience for delivering a social marketing messages through social WiFi connections, This method of mobile marketing could make the difference between just looking or buying.

Repeat customers will be more receptive to targeted mobile messages that are designed to encourage purchasing the latest model or benefiting from special dealer offers for new cars, services and parts.

Mobile users are searching and buying big ticket items like Cars & Trucks. Dealerships adopting mobile user technology such as social WiFi hotspots are improving the mobile user experience to increased sales.

Social WiFi Vs. Free WiFi?

A typical WiFi internet connection is located at the dealership, paid monthly for limited bandwidth access, limited control, private or public access. The dealership has limited knowledge who’s logged on/off and for how long, this could be costing the dealership even more money monthly.

A social WiFi hotspot is a WiFi bridge that allows public users access to the internet. Mobile user give permission, sign on with a social media account in exchange for sharing dealership promotions or marketing pages. The dealership marketing department controls the mobile experience, such as length of user time on line, and types of car or truck promotions users purchase, helping the dealership turn the WiFi service into a profitable mobile marketing machine.

Dealership Benefits

This mobile marketing technology helps potential buyers visiting the showroom, service department or parking area surrounding the building direct access to immediate automotive promotions, discounts, overstocked inventory before buyers begin searching the internet for comparative pricing and models. Social WiFi could make the difference between ‘just looking’ and buying.

Mobile Marketing solves two problems for automotive dealerships

  1. Keeps the mobile customers engaged in your dealership before searching competition.
  2. A Mobile opportunity to promote your brand, special offers and capture mobile user contact information

Mobile users look for social WiFi locations to get free internet access while they wait for service, shop or buy. Now the dealership is in control, targeting,. engaging and promoting purchasing opportunities.

Today people routinely use Internet research to compare offers while considering a large purchase. This activity is often overlooked by retailers, most businesses are concerned by the possibility of losing a sale to a website business. What if your social WiFi hotspot could create new ways to communicate directly to your mobile buyers instantly:

How Social Mobile Marketing Works:

  • Directs mobile users to a web page dedicated to helping people buy cars.
  • Captures user contact details and demographic data.
  • Captures details about people looking around the dealership, even when your offices are closed!
  • Communicates with potential buyer with marketing messages, such as 0% financing or free test drives and daily promotions.
  • Follow-up communications to retarget mobile users for days, weeks and months after they visited.
  • Turn an unproductive 10 minutes in your waiting areas into a valuable lead, new car promotion or service appointment
  • Get mobile users to ‘Like’ your automotive Facebook promotion page

Automotive dealerships should be using mobile marketing tools and technologies now as a competitave advantage.

How to install social WiFi hotspots

Installing the technology in your dealership is as easy as an oil change.

You usually receive a specially configured social WiFi router, which plugs into your existing WiFi connection. Make sure you receive “Free WiFi” window or wall stickers and promotional cards to promote your social WiFi to mobile users.

Mobile WiFi hotspot costs less than a few spark plugs per month. Offering the service provides a huge upside for increasing foot traffic and revenues.

Mobile WiFi Coverage

Most indoor areas of car dealerships can be covered by just one social WiFi router, keeping costs to a minimum. Larger buildings, car lots and multi-level locations may require additional coverage.

Ask questions, there are many cost-effective solutions that do not require expensive cabling.

Don’t wait on the automotive industry experts or advertising agencies to get started. You should be telling them to add the service immediately.

This is your competitive edge right now, you must be offering mobile solutions to mobile users. Social WiFi is a game changer for your auto dealership! Mobile customers expect a great mobile experience, otherwise they move on quickly to those that do. Make it work for your dealership!

Social WiFi technology will generate more leads and direct sales for dealerships than social media. A mobile lead generation service that will change the auto industry in every local market world wide.