Verizon Wifi – A Breakthrough From Cable?

Mobile computers, such as notebook computers and PDA are the fastest growing segment of computer industry. Many of the owners of these computers have deskto Machines on LANs and WANs at the office and want to be connected to their home base even when away from home. Since having a wired connection is impossible in cars or planes there is a lot of interest in the wireless networks. Wired connectivity has now become a thing of the past, with the advent of new technology such as WiFi, the internet connectivity has entered a new era. The hassle free handling and unwired system increases the mobility of the user enabling him to multi task and explore the internet from the comfortable confines of the living roon.

With the number of systems increasing there is increase in the demand for wireless networks.

A US based company Verizon communications is the largest company providing telephone services. Now they have introduced a new service called Verizon wifi in may of 2003 in order to meet the growing demand for wireless network connections. This corporation has targeted New York city and plans to provide the wireless connectivity over the whole of New York city. Presently the have installed 150 wifi access points and plans to add 850 of more.

Competition with T mobile.

With Verizon communications taking long strides in providing wifi services, another telecommunication firm T-mobile (leading wifi provider) is facing a stiff competition from Verizon.

In order to gain more market share verizon has introduced total free wifi connection [] to its exclusive internet users. Any user who wants to get connected to the internet through any hotspot just needs to type in user name and his/her password with no extra fee.
T-mobile has responded by collaborating with other wifi service providers such as Starbucks cafes and Borders bookstores to increase its network area.

The rapid advancement of Verizon wifi has threatened the business of many DSL cable network providers.

The Verizon wifi is getting very popular among the users since it guarantees to provides better and faster connection to the users. Since Verizon Wifi has a wireless network it has distinct advantage over cable network as it provides mobility. Its popularity stems from the fact that this enables the user to access the internet from any corner of the area under WiFi spectrum. It is indeed a revolutionary concept.

DSL companies are countering by providing additional services along with the internet connections by integrating telephone, TV, internet services. They are also trying to give more bandwidth to the users.